Every child will have a personal, confidential digital/hard copy portfolio comprising of:

  • Child’s Profile
  • Goals from families and Educators
  • Observations
  • Objectives for further development
  • Work samples
  • Checklists

The individual child’s portfolio is maintained and used as a direct tool for evaluation and future planning within the Service’s program. This makes the program reflect the value of individuality and is not used as a means of comparison between peers or stereotypes. You will be given your child’s portfolio at the end of the school year or as they finish at the Service.


The portfolio will be used in parent/Educator meetings throughout the year and is always available for you to review at your convenience.

Parent Participation

The Service has an Open-Door Policy and actively seeks and encourages families to be involved in the Service. This can range from evaluating and adding input to your child’s program and observations, volunteering within the Service, and sharing skills & experiences that the children and the program will benefit from.


You can be involved in the Service’s Family Committee. Your involvement can be as formal or active as you like as time permits. We respect that time is limited for most families and we ask that you inform us as to your preferred way of communication. We can arrange meetings with your child’s Educator at a time that suits you throughout the year and offer email, SMS, Facebook, Newsletters, Day Book Journals and pride ourselves on strong verbal communication daily. We seek input from families on all aspects of the Service but, your child’s goals, observations and program.


If, for any reason you question or do not understand any aspect of the Service or your child’s experience we have a Grievance Policy that supports all stakeholders in our community and like all policies, is available for families to consult and implement at any time. Copies of our policies are available in each room, the office, and the parent library. You are welcome to take a copy home and review it at your leisure.

Please feel free to reach us through the form below, with any concerns or questions about our services.