Staff Structure

Success Home Day Care Service is made up of the Nominated Supervisor, Team Leader, Coordinator, Educators, and Administration Officer.

Staff Structure

Success Home Day Care Service is made up of the Nominated Supervisor, Team Leader, Coordinator, Educators, and Administration Officer. The team works with families and Educators to ensure that children are provided with a stimulating and caring, high-quality education and care environment to support their learning and development.

  • SHDC Coordinator/Educational Leader holds an Early Childhood Diploma qualification and maintains current Early Childhood First Aid qualification, Child safety training, and other relevant qualification.
  • SHDC Educators are qualified educators and suitable individuals to operate a childcare service.
  • SHDC Nominated Supervisor/Team Leader/Administration Officer (Roseline Omenoba) holds a Bachelor of Teaching, Diploma of Children Services, Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, Diploma in Training and Assessment, Diploma of Leadership, and Management, Diploma of Community Services. Studying towards the Master of Teaching in Evidence-Based Teaching (Melbourne University).
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Our staff qualifications

Our staff qualifications are complemented by first-hand experience working within the early childhood field. The team regularly updates their knowledge through professional development sessions in a wide variety of relevant areas.

Success Home Day Care Coordinator and Nominated Supervisor conduct regular unannounced support visits to all Educators.  These visits provide support to Educators whilst monitoring the quality of care and programs provided. Professional relationships are fostered through these visits and regular contact with Educators is maintained.


Family Day Care Team Leader

is responsible for:

  • The overall management of the service in accordance with Federal and State regulatory standards
  • Recruitment, resourcing, and support of Family Day Care co-ordination unit
  • Development and monitoring of budget,
  • Development of policies and procedures in consultation with the co-ordination unit, Educators and parents/guardians,
  • Liaison with external agencies and peak organisations.

Family Day Care Coordinator

is responsible for:

  • Assessment, selection, and registration of Educators,
  • Child care placements,
  • Monitoring of children’s care and developmental needs, through regular support visits to Educators.
  • Support and resourcing of Educators through both regular visits as above, and scheduled visits when required,
  • Provision of support and information to parents/guardians using care,
  • Development and review of policies and procedures in consultation with the Co-ordination Unit, Educators, and parents/guardians.

Safety, security, and cleanliness practices that meet or exceed all state, local, and national guidelines.

Administration Officer

is responsible for:

  • Processing “Record of Care” documents,
  • Administration of Australian Government Child Care Benefit
  • Front line customer service

 Nominated Supervisor

Is responsible for:

  • Managing and administering the day to day operations of Success Home Day Care Scheme including its promotion to achieve maximum utilization
  • Ensuring that the service complies with current requirements of the National Quality Framework, Family Assistance Law, Education, and Care Services National Law and Regulation
  • The implementation and documentation of effective administration procedures for the scheme including placement of children, assessment of educators and their homes, child enrolments, and input and reporting on fortnightly educator timesheets using the relevant FDC software
  • Supervising the planning, implementation, and evaluation of early childhood programs reflecting the Approved Learning Frameworks
  • Monitoring and recording the quality-of-service provision, safety procedures, and compliance with the laws and regulations
  • The Provision of appropriate support and referral according to the needs of children, educators, and families
  • Coordinating and facilitating opportunities for parent and educator consultation on issues that potentially affect care and service delivery
  • Supervising, supporting, and evaluating staff and educators in accordance with Success Home Day Care policies and procedures
  • Providing leadership in the implementation of the National Quality Framework
  • Managing annual budget, maintaining and submitting records in relation to Government funding
  • Selecting and recruiting educators and promoting the Family Day Care Scheme in a manner that maintains widespread community awareness

Liaising with other early childhood/family daycare professionals and all levels of government to ensure adherence and currency of best practice, National Standards, and administrative and statutory requirements.